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How does it work?

1) Select your existing borehole pumps

Make sure you have the right product name you want replace or search it easly choosing the name of producer (LOWARA, CAPRARI, STAIRS, PEDROLLO, CALPEDA).

- The models suggested have been chosen by averaging the performance curves across the operating range of each pump model. To ensure the best correspondence for a precise duty point, we suggest contacting our DAB Sales.
- The tool is configured based on the technical data included in the catalog by the various producers.
- In case of replacement, the real current absorption and consequent electrical has to be evaluated.

2) Discover the correct replacement DAB borehole pump

This tool suggests the alternative S4 model which an ideal replacement to your old borehole pump.

The S4 are a range of 4-inch multi-impeller borehole pumps for clean water. The range is available in the following versions: hydraulic part only, pump coupled with two-pole DAB water-filled motor or oil-filled motor and different supply voltages, ready-to-use kit including pump body and single-phase motor, electric control panel, electric cable and safety cord.
Technopolymer impeller. Built-in non-return valve and suction filter. All the models have the ACS certification; the WRAS and DM174 certificates are pending approval.

Do you have one of these brands of borehole pump?